Frequently asked questions from participants of our DBM Connect sessions

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What is DBM Connect?

DBM Atlas are creating our own internal contact list (often called a research panel), of people who are willing to participate in market research studies about familiar topics like consumer and banking products. We welcome either individuals as consumers themselves, or to respond on behalf of a business where they are a financial decision maker. The results of our studies can influence the way decisions are made on products and services offered to you.

How does a research panel work?

As a DBM Connect panel member, you’ll be invited via email to share your thoughts and opinions about a chosen topic. Most invitations will ask you to complete an online survey, in your own time. We may also invite you to participate in a telephone interview or face to face discussions from time to time.

Will I get paid?

You will be rewarded for your time, as our way to say thanks. For most surveys, you will either be entered into a raffle draw or receive a gift voucher.

How often will I receive a survey?

For consumer respondents, you will receive a survey approximately once per month. For business respondents, surveys are generally quarterly..

How long will it take to complete the surveys?

Surveys will vary in length, the shortest will be around 5 minutes to complete. Each survey invitation will usually tell you how long it should take.

What happens to my responses in the surveys?

All your responses are stored and processed in Melbourne, Australia. In presenting results, no individual will be identified, and no contact details will be passed on. That is, results and findings will only be based on an accumulative level.

Will anyone else see my personal information?

No, we will not disclose your personal information or personally identifiable research information to a third party. We will only report the information you provide in an aggregate form (or combined with responses from other respondents). If there are exceptions to this, we are required by the Privacy Act to obtain your express prior consent before you complete the survey.

How do I know my responses will be kept confidential?

DBM Atlas is bound by the Privacy Act. For more information on how DBM Atlas respects and upholds your rights to privacy, please head to our Privacy Policy page here.

What if I want to leave the panel?

Expressing your opinions is completely voluntary and you are free to unsubscribe from the group at any time. You can also reactivate your membership at any point in time.

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