Unlocking deeper consumer insights
for financial services

A new competitive edge enabling better data-driven decisions

In an increasingly challenging environment, DBM Atlas + Media Profiler gives marketers, agencies and publishers a competitive edge in the banking, insurance and wealth management space. Whether you’re looking to enhance product offerings, refine consumer marketing strategy or optimise media channel planning and sponsorship activities, the award winning DBM Atlas financial dataset coupled with Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View solution can help:


Custom audience segments and profile them with rich insights across vital attitudinal, lifestyle behaviour, banking, insurance and wealth management purchase intentions, sporting passions and media consumption preferences.


Brand, product and media planning inputs specifically for your priority audiences to minimise wastage and drive ROI.


Deep insights relating to customer experiences of the financial providers they do business with.

Tap into key drivers for acquisition, retention and growth

How do I speak to
my most profitable customers?
What is the right sponsorship opportunity?
How can I improve
the ROI of my marketing campaigns?
What are the unique attitudes, lifestyle behaviours & interests of my target market?

Insights in Action:
2022 Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit

Gen Z in one word 

2022 Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit

Gen Z banking relationships

2022 Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit

Example outputs


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