Relied upon by 50+ financial brands, DBM Atlas is a multi-award winning* program guiding Australia's financial services industry.

DBM Atlas' data-empowered consulting expertise is informed by over 80,000 consumer and business surveys each year.
It is the ultimate companion to guide success in financial services covering banking, insurance, wealth management and credit cards.

DBM Atlas has driven business decision making and delivered competitive advantage to marketers, strategists, CX and advocacy specialists for 15 years. Powered by the most comprehensive retail and business financial services research program in Australia, DBM Atlas can be used to identify growth opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, optimise customer experience and refine products to customer needs.

With extensive coverage to explain the what, why and who, DBM Atlas can explain what’s driving change in key performance indicators, why performance is above or below competitors and who should be targeted for growth.
*Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Awards: Campaign Market Research Agency of the Year (2022, 2021, 2020), Campaign Consultancy of the Year (2022, 2020, 2019)

DBM Atlas Key Content Areas

• Product purchase intent
• Switching behaviour & reasons
• Channel usage
Customer Experience
• Product holdings by brand    (including $ balance)
• Covers all major product categories across banking, insurance and wealth management
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• Product purchase intent
• Switching behaviour & reasons
• Channel usage

What does DBM Atlas contain?

The DBM Atlas program is a comprehensive survey database containing:


conducted each year (Consumer >62k, Business ~18K)
Database over


(Consumer from 2015, Business from 2009)
Each month

matched samples

This enables tracking movements over time and deep-diving into cross-sectional data analysis
Delivering strategic insights and guidance across both retail and business markets, informing customer strategies across:
Deposit taking financial
institutions. Includes
deposits, savings and
transaction accounts
Financial institutions
with loan facilities.
Includes mortgage, cards and other loans or credit facilities
Financial institutions with
card facilities such as AMEX,
VISA etc.
Includes credit cards,
charge cards, pre-paid
debit cards and travel
Managed Funds, Direct
Investments, Insurance
All Insurance Companies. Includes home, life, motor vehicle, private health insurance and all others

DBM Atlas + Media Profiler

60 Degree consumer segmentation and profiling dataset

What's Included

60,000 attitudinal, media and behavioural variables for in-depth consumer understanding
Deep consumer segmentation
Profile product ownership, intention to purchase etc.
Brand / product planning
Purchase intentions

DBM Audiences

Boost digital audience activation

What's Included

Consumer & Business audiences (product ownership, purchase intentions)
Custom digital audience creation
Available on all major DSP’s & DMP’s

geoAtlas Explorer

Optimise target market planning 

What's Included

Unique mapping of priority target markets
Area profiling, geospatial media targeting
Trading area and branch / retail network planning
Geographic refining of media planning
Access 500+ geoAtlas variables (including finance product ownership, brands considered & intention to take up)

geoAtlas + Quick Append

Enhance your data assets

What's Included

Profile and segment databases
Explore brand consideration
Build target area lists to identify hotspots for digital activation
Append 500+ geoAtlas variables to profile and segment databases (CRM, survey data etc.)
Available for subscription by product type, retail or business market, your brand vs your competitors or demographics - DBM Atlas can be tailored to your needs. Get in touch with our team to discuss how DBM Atlas can elevate your financial services brand.

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